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Welcome at the end of the world
Our world


noun • / fos-for / • Dutch for Phosporus

Comes from the greek word phõsphorus; meaning lightbeacon 
phõs = light

phorus = bringing

The name of our restaurant comes from the beautiful phenomenon where the sea lights up at night because of the growing and glowing plankton.

It is often visible at our little beach hide away because of our secluded location. The plankton isn't bothered by that many people, so it can grow till it will glow!

Fosfor is a place to just take a break from everything and find yourself on our own little secluded island!


Fosfor is known for its fresh and locally resourced products, that come together in classic, simple, yet elegant dishes. 

Our menu can slightly differ from the uploaded pfd, since we work a lot with daily fresh products...


Join the crew

Being a part of the Fosfor family is so much more than just being colleagues. It is a versitile, colorful and energetic bunch that is now our little beach family!


Our focus is on a personal approach, for our employees and our guests! We strive to teach everyone, everything we know and have fun while working!


Strandpaviljoen Fosfor

Zuiderduin 7, 2042 AG Zandvoort

Please do NOT enter this address into your navigation!

You will end up somewhere completely different, having to walk for hours. 



Simply drive to the following address: 
Boulevard Paulus Loot 103, Zandvoort

Find a parking spot, walk southwards on the beach, keeping the ocean on your righthand side until the very last restaurant! 

Be in Touch.

Strandafgang Zuiderduin 7 Zandvoort || Postbus 191 2040AD Zandvoort

Email: info@fosforzandvoort.com || Tel: (+31) 023 571 3031 

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